Cocktails in harmony

You have said your vows and tied the knot in front of friends and family. Now it's time for you to have a private moment, take photos and let your guests unwind from all the ceremony excitement and anticipation with a few cocktails and some fun music. You may want a more upbeat sound to get the party started, or some chill lounge music to relax before the band or DJ kicks in. We offer strolling musicians that can mingle amongst guests and are perfect for outdoor settings and entertaining guests. 

Palladio String Quartet
Classic String Quartet
Violin & Guitar
Solo Violin, Cello, or Harp
Solo Violin, Cello, or Harp
Electric Violin
Electric String Quartet
Harp, Violin, Bass
Instrumental Ensemble
Instrumental Ensemble
Strolling Violin & Percussion
Floral Instruments
Floral Instruments
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